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The mosaiced dining table is made from handcrafted old various woods and unique elements coming from the 19th century like the wooden table legs and the drawer which are immersed in resin. The idea of frozen water becomes visible through the use of the resin for the table legs and the mosaic inside the drawer revealing colors like blue, celeste and rosť. This transparent and colorful mosaic design on the bottom of the drawer refers to the Romanesque period and can be observed through the glass on the tabletop but also as a reflection onto the floor when a spot light above is turned on.


Used materials: drawer from the 19th century, wooden table legs from the beginning of the 19th century, old nut, alder and chestnut wood, epoxy resin, transparent and colored plexiglass, glass

Dimensions: cm L 180 x D 80 x H 79 | unique and unlimited special edition for Lane Crawford