the objects.

  • handmade and unique editions
  • used materials: handcrafted wood of nut and chestnut, 1 led lamp with electrical ligth system, textile cable in different colors, switch, lens, 1 slide with flower image, screws of brass, mirror in case of slide projector with mirror (de luxe)
  • size of wooden slide projector (simple): cm L 9 x D 9 x H 27
  • size of wooden slide projector (de luxe) - with mirror: cm L 10,5 x D 8 x H 35
  • suggested distance between lens and projection surface is 90-140 cm in order to have the image in focus

We have two types of wooden slide projectors: One with mirror and one without.

The simple wooden slide projector permits a projection of a slide towards the ground, so on the floor or on a table only.

Instead, the wooden slide projector (de luxe) projects through the rotation of the mirror the image also towards a wall.


Certainly, the slide inside the box can be changed and personalized in this way.