The mobile board game, completely handmade, is made of handcrafted woods of walnut, maple and Roxinho. The Roxinho wood, the purple one, comes from the Amazon and is certified. It is a very special one, unique and completely natural treated, no colour is added.



The board game that can be closed into a true suitcase is available in two versions: as backgammon-checkers and as backgammon-chess-checkers. This one includes the 22 chess pieces, which's functional form is inspired by the Bauhaus style.


Photo: Nat Wilms

Used materials: handcrafted woods of walnut, maple and Roxinho

Dimensions: cm L 50 x D 50 x H 4 (field game) / cm L 50 x D 8 x H 25 (suitcase) | Edition: unlimited unique


Design: Andrea Zambelli