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Photo: Ruy Teixeira

Andrea Zambelli (1978, Bologna, Italy) is a professional restorer of furniture with the passion in elaboration of old wood. He believes in a possible re-interpretation of his profession caused by a personal need to preserve ancient skills of application, which are slowly disappearing. The insertion of innovative materials through an application of antique manufacture skills is based on the antique furniture tradition but renews it at the same time.


Nat Wilms (1976, Halle/Saale, Germany) is an artist with a degree in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna/Italy and a formation in cultural-visual Anthropology and multimedia. In search of tracks of memory and stories from the past, she uses the mediums photography, video, writing and light for enriching the furniture with a contemporary but at the same time poetic and sensible living.

















Fabio Di Camillo for his support in elaboration of innovative materials and for being a technical professional on our side.

Dario Lasagni for the great and professional pictures he took of the collections blooming skyline and up]side[down.

Andrea Pinardi - design & arkviz for his great abilities in rendering and 3D graphic.

Vincenzo Rossi for his technical know-how improving our simple website and make it look nicer.

Bork Schaetz for being the patient creator of our professional and essential logo and for giving us advices regarding visual marketing.

Elisa Schiavina for her support in the presentation of the texts right at our first beginning.

Florence Donovan for her fundamental and professional help in the translation and correction of the texts into the English language.

Franco Venturi for the value of his wise information regarding deserted villages in the Apennines.