the concept.

HILLSIDEOUT offers furnishing solutions for interiors. Our work begins in places where history is found, which does not exclude new buildings because histories can be found everywhere. As we often work with abandoned or ruined objects, the idea of "restoration" is consistently present. For example, preserving old pieces or objects through insertion into a contemporary setting, or restoring images digitally by using old and new pictures. Our idea of restoration works in harmony with our strong belief in the contemporary, we love to see historical layers. This is the reason why we show them through transparent materials and time related mediums such as video or photography.



. site-inspection and historical research of the subject

. antique object research and restoration

. image research and elaboration



. construction of the piece of furniture by applying traditional craft skills in elaboration of old wood and innovative materials

. reutilization of antique objects and unused materials

. use of old materials like wood

. use of new materials like resin, plexiglass, cement and stainless steel

. adding and including pictures, videos, lights and writing



We move easily because we like to work everywhere. We bring our own equipment with us, so that the furnishing piece can be constructed in the place where it will be located then or where the research needs to start.



We like to share our knowledge with young people who are interested in constructing and creating meaningful furnishings even by using few tools. For us the meaning of constructing is not a matter of equipment but of knowledge that regards stability of weights, harmony of proportions and experimentation by combining different materials and mediums.

For further information regarding workshops, formation and artist-in-residence programs please visit: workshops.hillsideout.com