table games preview.

black Light Tropics

billiard table for professional home use

cm L 240 x D 150 x H 80


chess table game

cm L 75 x D 75 x H 75

backgammon tea-table

backgammon table game

cm L 75 x D 63 x H 79


table football

cm L 166 x D 80 x H 115 (D 188 cm with sticks)

Light Tropics

multifunctional billiard table for home use

cm L 200-250 x D 140-160 x H 80-83


multifunctional American Pool

cm L 300-330 x D 165-200 x H 81-86


American Pool in collaboration with Hermelin Billiards Milan

cm L 300 x D 165 x H 80