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The Pool Table BLACK LIGHT TROPICS is a collaboration between Hillsideout and Hermelin Billiards Milan leader in the industry since 1825 and was built around the concept of an elegance, light, contemporary and handmade design.



After the first American Pool tables, Hillsideout introduces this light version for professional home-use. BLACK LIGHT TROPICS is smaller in size and 7 times lighter than an American Pool table. The heavy slate usually used for the top has been substituted with bakelite.



The woods used is a mix of Italian and certified colourful Amazonian wood. It is a very pictorial piece due to the beauty of the hand designed colourful inserts made of wood but also due to the four table legs which's forms were inspired by architecture in the paintings by Lyonel Feininger. The used materials and the form in this piece feature the complexity the Amazonian rain forest is currently facing.




Used materials: handcrafted woods, bakelite, plastic, black cloth


cue stand made of handcrafted wood with pool triangle for balls;
+ 4 American Pool cues, set of American Pool balls, chalk 12 piece box, pool table brush



cm L 240 x D 150 x H 80

cm L 54,5 x D 51,5 x H 98 (cue stand)


Weight: about 100 kg | Editions: 7 + 1 a.p.


CONI at Casa Italia - Tokyo 2020: The edition was exhibited as "Olimpics" during the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. Here some images of the exhibition called Mirabilia curated by Ex Elettrofonica and secondome.


Design: Andrea Zambelli | Post-concept: Nat Wilms