table games [ billiard tables ].

The American Pool table MEXICO is a collaboration between Hillsideout and Hermelin Billiards Milan - leader in the industry since 1825 - and was built upon the concept of an elegant, light, contemporary and handmade design.


The 6 wooden legs were covered with coloured resin using a brush and the wood used for the external structure is protected with natural oil and wax only. The 6 lenses on the edges enlarge images taken in todays Hermelin factory. There are mirrored boxes on each side which function as shelves for putting small objects, such as chalk, inside.



The pool table's form and colour are reminiscent of a reverted pyramid revealing a subtle connection to the ancient Mesoamerican ball game practiced by the pre-Columbian peoples. The pre-Columbian ballcourts are one of the many examples in history, which celebrate a game linked to holes and balls. A picture regarding to this can be found in the tea-table: the accessory made of wood and old cues which functions as a cue stand.



Used materials: wood, slate, black cloth, plastic baskets and holes covered in black leather, metal ware, 6 wooden legs covered with resin in colour green-blue, external structure made of nut, chestnut and alder wood, mirrors and lenses with lambda prints, black cloth


cue stand in form of a tea-table made of handcrafted wood, lens, lambda print and old cues with pool triangle for balls;
+ 4 American Pool cues, set of American Pool balls, chalk 12 piece box, pool table brush, green pool table cover


Dimensions: cm L 300 x D 165 with cm L 254 x D 127 (9 feet) field game | Weight: about 500 kg | Edition: unique


Also available as “English Snooker” or “Russian Pyramid” with cm L 360 x D180 field game (12 feet) and 8 legs.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli



Photo: Tatiana Uzlova