table games [ billiard tables ].

CHAAC is a multi-functional American Pool table designed by Hillsideout and produced in collaboration with Hermelin Billiards Milan.


A double-faced boiserie-separé made of handcrafted wood, plexiglass and photographical images covers the billiard table entirely so that it can also be used as a table for aperitif use. The billiard table comes with a cue stand which functions as well as a tea table.



When the American Pool is in use the covering-separé becomes an artistic boiserie-separé which you can put in front of a wall or in the middle of a room. The American Pool table can also be partially covered, thereby serving as both a table and a boiserie-separé. The materials we used, like handcrafted wood and photographical images printed on transparent thin film ensure a piece able to adapt to the light and it's surroundings.



Whilst the American Pool table with its wooden form reminds of Mayan temples, the separé features a mask inspired by the Maya's rain divinity Chaac for whom the Pre-Columbian people sacrificed the winning players of the pelote game. We found visual and philosophical associations between pelote and the billiards game and therefore combined the two worlds also through images in the openings of the separé. Historical images taken in the former factories of Hermelin Billiards Milan are mixed with Pre-Columbian vegetation and universal symbols like holes, snakes, numbers, water and heaven. The importance of "game", its social meaning as well as the meaning of sacrifice can be found in each angle of the piece.


Definitely a very narrative and anthropological piece.



Used materials: wood, slate, handcrafted wood of walnut, chestnut, alder, cherry and Lebanon cedar wood, coloured resin, plexiglass, spying mirrors, mirrors, lambda prints, screws of brass and magnets, black cloth


cue stand in form of a tea-table made of handcrafted wood, an old cue coming from the factory Hermelin with pool triangle for balls;
+ 4 American Pool cues, set of American Pool balls, chalk 12 piece box, pool table brush, waterproof pool table cover to put under the covering-separé when used as a table



cm L 300 x D 165 as an American Pool table with cm 254 x 127 (9 feet) field game

cm L 330 x D 200 x H 86 as a table with the covering-separé on top

cm L 70 x D 61 x H 97 (tea-table cue stand)


Weight: about 650 kg | Edition: unique


Also available as “English Snooker” or “Russian Pyramid” with cm 360 x 180 field game (12 feet) and 8 legs.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli | Supervision of production: Andrea Zambelli