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Table games are becoming again important which is a wonderful tendency as it contrasts the ancient and digital world. The backgammon tea-table is made of handcrafted woods in order to be touched and used for both tea time and game time in every day life. The importance of handcraft is emphasised through the fine, colourful and playful wood work.



For rolling the very small dices, Hillsideout took inspiration of a basket painted in the antique painting "I bari" ("The Cardsharps") realised by Caravaggio in 1594. There the painter shows a wooden column which was used formerly as a basket for dices.



Used materials: handcrafted woods of walnut, elm, maple, and Muirapiranga, acrylic, resin, brass

Dimensions: cm L 75 x D 63 x H 79

unique edition: 7 + 1 a.p.


Design: Andrea Zambelli