blooming skyline collection.

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The handmade coloured blooming skyline chandeliers are inspired by the ancestral relationship between growing cities and star constellations.


The pendant lamps - unique in color and shape - frame and evidence city structures. They are reverted towards the ground because they are imaginary cities. The dreamy falling skyline are built following star constellations. By connecting each single star of a constellation in order to create a wooden surrounding on the transparent top, the idea of a city wall is emphasized.



In fact, ancient peoples observed the night sky to point out stars and use them for orientation. They wanted to be closer to these stars but were afraid of the enormous space in between and therefore they positioned their houses in relationship to the star constellations above them. Thus reflecting star constellations on earth.


Historical changes in architecture are evoked through the use of wood and transparent Plexiglas for the "houses". One of the wooden boxes, though, functions as a slide projector which illuminates an image below, for example on a table. We chose the image of a flower because in ancient beliefs flowers are related to stars. In Bologna they used to say in medieval times that the engraved flowers in stone illuminate the dark streets because each of them symbolized a star. However, the slide can be changed and personalized.


Each lamp shows on its top a wooden surrounding similar to an old city wall or a star constellation - real or not - it does not matter... all constellations are inventions.



Used materials: handcrafted chestnut, nut and elm wood, plexiglass, screws of brass, lens, slide, electrical light system with led and light bulbs, colored textile cables

Dimensions: different sizes, about cm L 80-88 x D 60-80 x H 55-70 | unique editions: 10 + 1 a.p.


Distance for a slide projection on focus: about 90 -150 cm between lens and projection surface


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli