Hillsideouts bookends are made of Italian and Amazonian woods, acrylic, concrete and transparent film material. The image divided in two shows the Martinelli building located in its historical and current surrounding: the city center of San Paolo/Brazil.



It's a fascinating story of an Italian entrepreneur in Brazil called Giuseppe Martinelli who took part of the quick industrial grow of the city in the Twenties. He designed and inaugurated the first and tallest skyscraper in South America in 1929. That was the beginning of the use of 'concrete' in Latin America. Martinelli used his ships for delivering the material from Scandinavia to Brazil. If you see the mass of concrete nowadays in San Paulo it makes this building even more symbolic besides the beautiful construction made by the Hungarian architect William Fillinger. On the top of the 30 floors there was the most luxury cinema and not only: Martinelli itself lived on the roof top which is one of the first roof top houses with such an impressive skyline view.

It is not only a story about success and concrete but as well the importance of immigration.

Used materials: handcrafted Amazonian and Italian woods, concrete, acrylic, two lambda prints and carbon fibre

Dimensions: 2 pieces of cm L 25 x D 8 x H 38 | unique edition of 7 + 1 a.p.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli