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The bookcase Babel Tower II is a continuation of the bookcase Babel Tower which finds its inspiration in the famous story of the Tower of Babel. The myth narrates a city with a tower that would reach to heaven and the confusion of languages.



The bookcase made of seven shelves is built of different handcrafted woods and transparent and manually frosted plexiglass. It is rotatable, so that books and objects can be taken easily through spinning the structure. The centrepiece is made up of four 1930's Italian nut wood table legs which support a photographical image at the top symbolizing an opening towards the sky.


Used materials: 4 old table legs, handcrafted chestnut, elm, alder and nut wood, plexiglass, lambda print, blackboard color, 6 wheels

Dimensions: cm L 70 x D 70 x H 235 | unique editions: 10 + 1 a.p.


Concept & Print: Nat Wilms | Design: Andrea Zambelli