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The bookcase Babel Tower III finds its inspiration in the famous story of the Tower of Babel. The myth narrates a city with a tower that would reach to heaven and the confusion of languages.



The bookcase made of five shelves is built of different handcrafted woods and transparent acrylic. Each shelf besides the highest one is made of one type of wood only: The lowest one is made of a maple tree coming from Croatia, the shelf above is made of a walnut tree coming from France, the third level is made of an olive tree coming from South Italy, the fourth one is made of Amazonian woods and the last one is a mix of all of them. The lateral wooden sticks are made of different handcrafted woods and acrylic.


The whole structure is rotatable, so that books and objects can be taken easily through spinning the showcase.


Used materials: handcrafted woods of walnut, maple, olive, Roxinho and mahogany tree, acrylic, brass, 10 wheels

Dimensions: cm L 93 x D 93 x H 234 | unique editions: open limited


Concept & Design: Andrea Zambelli