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This bookcase finds its inspiration in the famous story of the Tower of Babel, which narrates both a city with a tower that would reach to heaven and the confusion of languages.



The bookcase, which is built of handcrafted chestnut wood, nut wood and plexiglass, is rotatable, as it rests on 6 wheels. The centrepiece is made of 4 old table legs of nut wood from the 19th century and one transparent column of plexiglass. The way of construction permits each book to function as a bookend for another book: For this you put the books from each side in order to make them lean against each other. Books can be taken easily through spinning the bearing structure, which incorporates already a slight rotation in itself.


The blackboard allows to personalize the bookcase not only with books but with personal writings. The stripes of blackboard can be used to chalk up personal thoughts, phrases or letters, which can be removed and changed easily. The association with the Tower of Babel can be found additionally in the image above, which reveals an opening towards a sky with a rainbow of 360°, trees and clouds.


Used materials: 4 old table legs, chestnut and nut wood, plexiglass, lambda print, blackboard color, 6 wheels

Dimensions: cm L 70 x D 70 x H 210 | unique editions: 10 + 1 a.p.


Concept & Print: Nat Wilms | Design: Andrea Zambelli