bespoke furniture


In German there is a word that all children know from popular fairy tales which is "Wunschbrunnen" (font of fortune or well of desires). It is the pit of fairy tales where the desires are performed, where the needles of the princesses fall and from where the enchanted frogs come out. We wanted to dedicate the "Italy" counter for Tokyo's Olympics at the sign of fortune. As we all know sport is based on constant discipline and on talent but as can be seen even more in this historical period, to say little extraordinary, it always takes good fate.



More than Europeans, the Japanese have a great history linked to the symbols of luck. Rites with the sun, rice, frogs, cats, dragonflies, koi fish, bonsai, bells, paper knots called Omikuji or Zigzag card are some examples of elements that try to attract luck, health, harmony, perseverance and much more. Compositions with these symbols have been inserted around the counter in the openings protected by acrylic. The Hillsideout counter is imagined to be a well of luck from whom you get offered drinks that are good for the spirit by following the idea of Gianni Rodari who wrote: "How much I like this war made of peace ... it would be needed one each year or even twice a year: the Olympics of steel, wheat, coal ... who knows what nation will win the Olympics of happiness! " We could add: wood. Because the counter is a handmade work made of Italian woods from north to south that are all found also in Japan which are walnut, larch, maple, chestnut, olive tree and elm.



The cocktail bar has been commissioned by CONI - the Italian National Olympic Committee - and was firstly exhibited at the upper floor of The Kihinkan - Takanawa Manor House in the Minato district in Tokyo, the venue of Casa Italia during the Olympic Games 2020. The piece remains part of the collection of CONI and will be used for upcoming events worldwide. The piece is transformable and can be split in order to create further bar situations.


Used materials: Walnut wood, larch, maple, chestnut, olive and elm, acrylic, lambda prints, Japanese paper, brass

Dimensions: cm L 220 x D 220 x H 110 | Edition: unique


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli