just contrast collection.

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The just contrast small console belongs to a series that began with the idea of combining differences in a very evident way. The question of contrasts in everyday life are becoming more and more important and we are all exposed to it whether we like it or not. So why not explore it.


As we are all made of one material, this physical manifestation of contrasts also needed to be made with one material. We chose wood, a living material. The singularity of each piece lies in unifying, not combining, variations in colour and breadth of the same material.


In order to accomplish this the design needed to be as simple as possible in its form and lines. As it is only through simplicity that we can show the difficulty of putting differences in the same material together. This metaphorical collection is both deconstructive and constructive at the same time.


Photo: Ruy Teixeira

Used materials: handcrafted Amazonian woods (Jequitiba and Cacheta muerta), acrylic

Dimensions: cm L 130 x D 44 x H 79 / unique edition: 10 + 1 a.p.


Design: Andrea Zambelli