lost wax collection.


The cabinet-showcase LOST WAX, which is made of handcrafted wood, plexiglass and brass, is inspired by the idea of revealing processes and the importance of structures which usually are hidden.


The lost-wax casting for bronze was originated in Crete. Myths narrate that Zeus, the sky and thunder god, was born there in a bee cave - which could symbolize the first foundry for lost-wax casting. Zeus, whose original form was a lightning, could transform in any shape and form like a melting of bronze. The event of the bee cave provoked the primal fear of loosing the original and having a copy - the fear of being replicated.



The external shelve-structure of the cabinet, which is made of acacia wood, acrylic and brass, recalls the channels necessary for a real bronze process. And the heart of the piece, which is made of red coloured wood, hides in its centre a little secret door that refers to an ancient structure known on the Greek island: the labyrinth. The idea of the labyrinth is presented moreover in the inlay works made of zebrano wood in the front doors of the cabinet. Hence, both ideas of bronze and labyrinth fuse together in one piece only.


For us it is fascinating to see realized how ancient concepts and elements as well as antique techniques of wood construction can be joined in a contemporary design piece.

Used materials: wood of muirapiranga, zebrano, acacia, roxinho, nut and cherry, acrylic, brass

Dimensions: cm L 145 x D 50 x H 247 | unique and limited edition: 7 + 1 a.p.


Design: Andrea Zambelli | Post-concept: Nat Wilms