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The mosaiced side-table stool "marajoara in cobogó" finds its inspiration in the element 'water', in particular in the Pre-Columbian Marajoara culture, as well as in an element of Brazilian architecture - the so-called 'cobogó'.

The concept and transperancy permits a new way of using this restored Brazilian stool coming from the 50's which makes it even more unique.



Photo: Ruy Teixeira


Colourful Amazonian woods were added and both the top and the stool legs are lightened through the use of transparent acrylic. The coloured mosaics above, which are immersed in resin, show a symbol taken from the Tupi-Guarani alphabet of the Marajoara culture - a pre-Columbian complex society that flourished on the Marajó island at the mouth of the Amazon River. This symbol can be found also in Brazilian architecture in form of 'cobogó' - a regional word and invention which function is to protect against hot Brazilian sun whilst allowing some privacy and the wind to blow through.


This small mosaiced side-table stool is intended for livingroom or bedroom use.


Used materials: restored Brazilian stool of Marfin and Imbuia wood from the 50's, handcrafted Amazonian woods (Muirapiranga, Muiracatiara and Jequitiba), acrylic and resin

Dimensions: cm L 40 x D 40 x H 50 | unique edition for Firma Casa


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli