Kitchen for loft in Berlin

We built a colourful kitchen made of mainly Italian woods. As the mini-apartment is situated in former East Berlin, we added elements which were well-known and come from former East Germany: the ceramic tiles as well as the slate insert in the top of the working space, useful for preparing food, cutting or putting hot pots.

Two spots from the top give a warm atmosphere also in the evening.



Besides practical needs, the aesthetic has been very important as the open space is small and the kitchen can be seen from everywhere.

Therefore garbage can be divided and is hidden under the sink. Additionally, we added a closet for jackets next to the small cabinet for kitchen devices.



The meal area consists of an antique flip-top table from the 19th century made of fir and beech wood as well as of original Thonet chairs from mid 20th century made of beech wood. The floor is made of Siberian larch wood.


Used materials: handcrafted woods, antique drawer, ceramic tiles, electrical kitchen equipment, lights, stainless steel, slate, slides

Dimensions: cm L 250 x D 60-105 (min-max) x H 150