open call.


The gallery secondome launched a beautiful Open Call called "Multifunctional" during the lockdown in 2020 where the owner Claudia Pignatale was asking for a drawing of a design piece that does not exceed the size of one sqm. We liked the idea! Hillsideout replied with a storage piece attached onto the wall. 'Oneiric multi-pocket emptier' was luckily chosen as one of the winner projects.



This hanging entrance cabinet presents several functionalities in very small space. Its form is inspired by a bookshelf from the art-decó period which we observed and admired for many weeks during our quarantine in Milan.


The idea was though to invent a suspended pensile which is not only practical but also oneiric. It should contain small objects of every day life and make dream at the same time. Due to our need to live nature which we missed in the city, we introduced materials like the yellow Murano glass that reminds the heat of the sun and a light-box showing an immage of a lighthouse situated in a wild vegetation under the moon.



The project will be soon produced, exhibited and published by the gallery secondome in a book together with the other winner projects.

Used materials: different handcrafted woods, spying mirror, yellow Murano glass, lambda print, acrylic

Dimensions: cm L 100 x D 20 x H 65 | unique edition of 10 + 1 a.p.


Design: Nat Wilms