wood meets concrete.

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Furniture piece and curiosity object at the same time. The console, which is made of chestnut wood and cement legs, has some hidden surprises.


The image seen from the tabletop is a mirror reflection of the “original” image, which can be found on the lateral side. Through the mirror, inside the table, the image is lighter and the fallen tree, wood, leaves and roots can be observed easily. The open box in the front frame of the table is a shelf but also a natural speaker. Put your mobile device inside, turn the music on and notice the difference in sound - warmer and louder. The little drawer, instead, is dedicated for personal objects, which can also be seen through the tabletop’s glass.


Simple inventions like a mirror reflection or a wooden box make this furniture piece contemporary and technological without the use of cables. This table concentrates light and sound inside itself being both an amplifier and custodian of immaterial and material at the same time.



Used materials: reused chestnut wood, wood, concrete, glass, plexiglass, lambda prints, glass mirror

Dimensions: cm L 150 x D 65 x H 80 | unique editions for Mint: 7 + 1 a.p.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli