thule collection.


The chandelier THULE is an evolution of Hillsideout's series "blooming skyline" which features a dreamy falling skyline. This light is inspired by the name Thule, an island that was discovered in the 4th century B.C. In classical literature the name "Thule" acquired a metaphorical meaning of any distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world". Pytheas wrote in his diaries of an island like a land of fire and ice where the sun never goes down. However no one has ever been sure to which island he was referring. Hillsideout transforms the idea of extreme nature into a unique chandelier, which is made of partly burned wood and Murano glass, a material that incorporates the idea of ice. The reverted city framed within the red wood reveals the opposite of a dream: An apocalyptical vision.


Used materials: handcrafted woods, Murano glass, electrical light system with textile cables

Dimensions: cm L 88 x D 54 x H 60 | unique special edition


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli