wood meets concrete.

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This beautiful piece is made of Italian wood, concrete legs and images printed on transparent film material.



The cabinet permits a lot of storage space and features images of Northern Italy where old stone mills which ground flour in an antique way are having a revival as the request of healthy food is rising. We identify with this reality even though it is about the food sector because we do ourselves a handcrafted production which requires ancient manufacturing know-how and love for details. Nowadays patience and time seem to become the true luxury.



This cabinet is a great combination of workmanship, aesthetics and functionality. The top and bottom shelves can be used to conceal things whilst the rest one can see through. The middle shelves can be changed in their position and the two drawers can be opened and closed with the push-pull system. The wood finish is treated with wax and natural oil only.

Used materials: walnut, elm and oak wood, plexiglass, lambda prints, concrete, brass

Dimensions: cm L 190 x D 50 x H 100 | unique edition: 7 + 1 a.p.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrae Zambelli