wood meets concrete.

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The console "sand senses" is inspired by geometrical shapes which's materials are made of sand and which's surface opens senses when touched.



These geometrical sand shapes can be found in the table legs that are made of concrete and in the table top where the openings are made of coloured Murano glass. The two showcases under the table top which can be removed are like geometrical extensions of two fundamental shapes: The rectangle and the triangle. As well the shapes in the middle are reinforced through the use of a transparent bottom in the drawer underneath which permits the look through the beauty of the Murano glass.



Sand seems to have no limit - it comes from earth. Burnt sand makes the Murano glass as transparent it became famous for. And cement incorporates more than one type of sand one comes from the river and the other one has been transformed through a chemical process. The results are all touchable as the walnut wood coming from the Italian Apennine which's soft surface is due to the final step of wood elaboration when the surface is sandblasted and treated by oil-wax only.



Very elementary forms become eclectic but at the same time the piece maintains its seriousness.

Used materials: walnut wood, elm wood, coloured Murano glass, coloured concrete, transparent and sandblasted acrylic glass

Dimensions: cm L 160 x D 44 x H 79 | unique edition: 7 + 1 a.p.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli