crooked furniture collection.

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The crooked furniture collection presents a continuation of our ongoing research in construction vs. destruction and features curved elements. The continuous architectural transformation of historical buildings lead to the idea of an organic furniture collection that is able to emphasize the leitmotiv 'I don't fall' and to combine contradictory elements.




The Crooked Balance represents a real showcase as it is almost completely transparent, mainly made of acrylic with a wooden structure. The two little wooden doors in front are made from Italian walnut and cheerywood and three colored Murano glasses. The four wooden columns from 1820 were transformed into bent legs by applying an old restoration technique, which is normally used for straightening damaged table legs. In this way the restoration process becomes visible. The black resin which was poured over the columns strengthen further the antique wood being at the same time evocative.



The wood finish is treated with wax and natural oil only.

Used materials: 4 wooden columns from 1820, handcrafted walnut and cheery wood, transparent and sanded acrylic, colored Murano glass, black epoxy resin, screws of brass

Dimensions: cm L 90 x D 65 x H 200 | unique edition

Note: the entire piece is dismountable in 7 pieces


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli