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TheCROOKED TABLE, which is part of the crooked furniture collection, depicts curved elements in both the tabletop and table legs.


The tabletop is made from old poplar wood taken from a church from the 18th century. The humidity of the attic curved the wooden boards and made them "useless". Through the change of their original function, the boards turn out to be useful again. The openings between each board are filled with transparent resin. Behind these transparent surfaces are inserted photographical images that show historical churches and their architectural reconstruction processes after the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna in 2012. The blackboard color on the tabletop and around it, which can be used to chalk up, symbolizes the will of growing and changes that appear in difficult situations. On the tabletop we put a tempered glass that level off the uneven surfaces.


The table legs of nut wood from 1860 belong to the style of "Louis Philipp I" and were curved through a traditional restoration method but in its opposite way, because normally used to straighten bent table legs. Through this reversal the working process becomes visible and the meaning of 'I don't fall' is strengthened.


Used materials: old poplar wood, old table legs of nut wood from 1860, recycled chestnut wood, epoxy resin, 5 lambda prints, plexiglass, blackboard color, tempered glass extra-clear

Dimensions: cm L 160 x D 81 x H 79 | unique editions: 7 + 1 a.p.


Concept & Prints: Nat Wilms | Design: Andrea Zambelli