liquid colour collection.

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This series celebrates colour and its uniqueness when combined with transparent materials like resin, in this case with bakelite - an early plastic developed in New York in 1907.


Lamps (found in the factories of former East Germany) built in the Sixties for heating newborn chicks in the coop, are transformed into elegant and simple contemporary lighting. Made of Bakelite, the lamp is covered with coloured resin and held by a handcrafted wooden structure. The shape of the wooden frame is a hexagram and each side has a 30 degree angle. This is the work of fine carpentry, being something difficult to do.




The edition is limited, colours can be made on request.



All lamps are unique in colour and come with or without transparent plexiglass.



Used materials: bakelite, handcrafted alder, walnut, cherry, chestnut and Lebanon cedar wood, electrical light system with twisted textile cable and light bulb, with or without plexiglass

Dimensions: cm L 45 x D 45 x H 45 | unique and limited editions


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli