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This series explores the color and its uniqueness when it reacts with transparencies like resin. The result of colorful shades, which cannot be repeated in the same way, is combined with wood treated in natural way maintaining antique furniture proportions. This liquid coloured bench called "marajo's reflected sky" (Carina & Puppis) was created during our Artist-in-Residence program in San Paulo.


During our stay in this megalopolis we did not see so many stars in the night sky which we missed. The city sky invites you to go out and to discover the amazing nature of this fertile country. So why not dreaming? Dreaming of an open night sky. How must it have been living under the sky like the pre-Columbian Marajoara on the Marajo' Island the largest fluvial island in the world?


The bench celebrates the cosmology of the Marajoara culture by combining stepped pyramids in form of the bench legs a geometric pattern found in repetition in their pottery art - with symbols of their alphabet through wooden inserts in the sitting, bright shades evoking heaven and water through transparent coloured resin and two constellations pointed out through phosphorescent pigments which can be seen only from the southern sky: Carina and Puppis. These two constellations were once part of one large constellation called Argo Navis but due to its enormous size the Ship does not exist anymore as a single constellation as it has been divided into three constellations. The third constellation is called Vela and can be found in the coloured blooming skyline lamp "Vela".


Hence, we imagine the Marajoara people laying on the sand while listening to the waves and watching an enormous ship in the sky.


Photo: Ruy Teixeira

Used materials: handcrafted Amazonian woods (Jequitiba, Roxinho, Muirapiranga, Cedro, Catuaba, Freijo), acrylic, colour, phosphorescent pigment, resin

Dimensions: cm L 216 x D 46 x H 45 | unique edition: 10 + 1 a.p.