liquid colour collection.

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This series celebrates the color and its uniqueness when it reacts with transparencies like resin. The result of colorful shades, which cannot be repeated in the same way, is combined with wood treated in natural way maintaining antique furniture proportions.


The dining table shows in its middle antique handmade iron nails from the 17th century which are immersed in the resin. They reveal the constellation Monoceros that relates to the idea of city constructions which were made following stars in the night sky. During the day the night sky changes and shows all colors we know. Color and constellation change in each table.


Used materials: handcrafted nut and elm wood, epoxy resin, color, plexiglass, tempered glass, antique handmade iron nails from the 17th century

Dimensions: cm L 220 x D 90 x H 74 | unique and unlimited editions


Design: Andrea Zambelli