liquid colour collection.

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This series celebrates the color and its uniqueness when it reacts with transparencies like resin.

The result of colourful shades, which cannot be repeated in the same way, is combined with wood treated in natural way maintaining antique furniture proportions.




When the light is turned on the colors change and the light reflection turns out to be much more colorful than without led on. The frame reminds in its shape a city surrounding or constellation which can be also found inside the frame. This one shows the "stars" - illuminaated points of the Tucana constellation but back to front as if seen ina mirror. Mirror means reflecting light which can be seen also as an introverted reflection.


Used materials: handcrafted nut wood, epoxy resin, color, electrical light system with led lamps

Dimensions: cm L 90 x D 3 x H 73 | unique and unlimited editions


Design: Andrea Zambelli | Post-concept: Nat Wilms