liquid colour collection.

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This series celebrates the color and its uniqueness when it reacts with transparencies like resin.

The result of colourful shades, which cannot be repeated in the same way, is combined with wood treated in natural way maintaining antique furniture proportions.



Photo: Nat Wilms


This scale model table shows all the possibilities in color for both the central part of the table and the table legs. The colors can be chosen in advance but the result is quite mystic all the time we do it. So there is always a surprise because the resin reacts differently with the color which depends of many things like climate, humidity, quantity of resin and much more. Colorful uniqueness is the main theme. The maximum lenght of this kind of dining table is 520 cm.


Used materials: handcrafted wood, epoxy resin, color, glass / Dimensions: cm L 52,5 x D 17,5 x H 13,5 | unique and unlimited edition


Video documentation: Nat Wilms | Design: Andrea Zambelli