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"Chaac" is a narrative and anthropological boiserie-separé for interiors. It can be used as a wall decoration as well as a separé, which divides a space. The piece is entirely made of handcrafted wood with inserts of photographical images, plexiglass and spying mirrors.


The openings made in wood form a stylised mask which was inspired by the Maya rain divinity, Chaac. Both sides of the separé are equally elaborated and the images in the openings can be seen from both the front and back and are protected by clear plexiglass. The light and visual surroundings will influence the images. When used as a boiserie, for example, the images will blend with the color of the wall behind.



The images are also related to the rain-maker Chaac, the beliefs of the Pre-Columbian people and their ball game Pelote. We found visual and philosophical associations between Pelote and the game of billiards so we combined Pelote images with historical images of the billiards factory Hermelin in Milan. Two worlds became one through vegetation, roots and universal symbols like holes, snakes, numbers, water and heaven.


Used materials: handcrafted wood of walnut, chestnut, alder, cherry and Lebanon cedar wood, plexiglass, stopsol mirrors, lambda prints, screws of brass and magnets

Dimensions: variable, about cm L 330 x D 5 x H 200 | the whole piece consists of 7 movable and dismountable partitions | unique edition of 7 + 1 a.p.


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli