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The paravent-cover "Light Tropics" represents a mask which is inspired by a group of indigenous people called the Caduvei (or KadiwÚu) still living in few villages in the Brazilian jungle.



In the late 19th century the Italian painter and very authentic traveller Guido Boggiani was the first who portrayed the Caduvei women with their outstanding body and face paintings made of uruc¨ pasta. These images, both drawings and photography, prove beautiful decorations which disappeared in their complexity. We stylised a face painting by using colourful elements like burnt Murano glass and naturally coloured woods from Brazil to emphasise the approach of wild life as Boggiani highlights the importance of their living in complete harmony with nature.



The paravent is a mask in every way because is not only what it seems to be. It is both a figuration of facial decoration but as well a table top that covers Hillsideout's American Pool "Light Tropics". It can be moved easily when standing and each part of the five can be separated using a manual screwdriver by one person only in order to become a cocktail table or a standing room divider.


This piece shows the historical complexity of two continents by applying and respecting very different traditional handcraft.


Used materials: Italian woods (walnut, elm and durmast wood), woods from Brazil (Roxinho, Muirapiranga), burnt and coloured Murano glass, screws of brass

Dimensions: variable, about cm L 250 x D 4 x H 160 | the whole piece consists of 5 movable and dismountable partitions | unique edition of 7 + 1 a.p.