wood meets concrete.

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This writing desk for left- and right-handers and for two persons finds its inspiration in the concept the seen and unseen, and the consequences of a thought that are brought together in the word 'reflect'.


This table, which is made of recycled handcrafted wild cherry, nut and chestnut wood for the top, of table legs of elm wood which are immersed in green resin cement and different kinds of mirrors that reflect images from the outside in the inside of the table. On the tabletop through the glass you discover a rotatable mirror in a prism form which allows you to observe the movements behind and next to you without revealing it to others.


The sliding drawer has a double function as it can be used from both sides of the table. Different to the first edition of the SP[eye]Me-Desk this one has a hidden opening in the middle of the tabletop and 4 different leg's heights - for strengthening the beauty of singularity even if you are a couple. Finally, green is the color of nature and as cement reflects the relationship and ambivalence of nature vs. architecture we built table legs, which combine and visualize this attempt.


Used materials: recycled handcrafted wild cherry, nut, chestnut and elm wood, resin cement, epoxy resin, color, pigments, mirrors, stopsol blackpearl, glass

Dimensions: cm L 153 x D 72 x H 78 | unique editions: unlimited and unique


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli