up]side[down collection.

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The principal component of the up]side[down collection is a console made of handcrafted wood and plexiglass. As the name suggests, some elements can be turned the other way round or up, or inside out.


The console's tabletop stands proudly on two table legs similar to plinths or pillars evoking the image of an altar. Roughly 400 years ago rustic two-legged dining tables were typically narrow long and used by monks who ate tightly squeezed in a row. During the centuries there were many variations of these monks dining tables. This up]side[down console has a pyramidal trunk - typical of the 18th century - a chunky version of the Louis XVI style.



The console on first sight gives an impression of rigidity and seriousness, however under closer inspection it is clearly playful. The alternated transparencies in between of wood reflect and lighten the whole structure. The ancient pyramidal form inspired both the step construction of the pillars and the insertion of images dedicated to the theme of reversed worlds on the tabletop. The six transparent boxes through which the pictures can be observed are reversible. By turning them around they become a receptacles - able to contain objects of everyday life. Switching them around again the "openings" level off the surface of the tabletop allowing a clear view of the pictures.


Photo: Dario Lasagni

Used materials: handcrafted nut, alder and chestnut wood, plexiglass, 6 lambda prints

Dimensions: cm L 160 x D 66 x H 76 | unique and unlimited editions


Concept: Nat Wilms | Design: Nat Wilms & Andrea Zambelli