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The small up]side[down console is made of handcrafted wood and plexiglass; the form of the two table legs remind a pyramidal trunk - typical of the 18th century - a chunky version of the Louis XVI style. As the title suggests, some elements can be turned the other way round or up, or inside out.



Two of the three transparent boxes on the table top through which architectural pictures can be observed are reversible. By turning them around they become receptacles - able to contain objects of everyday life. Switching them around again the "openings" level off the surface of the tabletop becoming a showcase of little objects which can be taken only by the people who know the "secret" gesture.


Used materials: handcrafted nut, chestnut, alder and elm wood, plexiglass, 3 lambda prints, old mirror, small reading lamp with electrical light system

Dimensions: cm L 130 x D 44 x H 79 / cm L 150 x D 44 x H 80 | unique editions: 10 + 1 a.p.


Design: Andrea Zambelli | Prints: Nat Wilms